Record Collection

"The Collectors Software"

Lightning Ware Solutions has developed a great new software title called Record Collection that will make managing your collection of records less time consuming and more efficient than ever before!

Record Collection has the facilities to organise your record database with ease, allowing you to monitor and control your collection. Benefits include:

  • An easy to understand user interface;
  • The ability to import record data from other databases and files, including Excel, Access, CSV, Dbase, text and HTML files;
  • Reductions in the level of administration needed to manage your database;
  • Increased levels of productivity through the centralisation of management functions;
  • The ability to organise records by category, label, artist and more, whilst also separating them into "items to sell", "items sold" and "main collection".
  • The application has been a success with both the record-collecting hobbyist and companies such as VinylValue, who rely on this software to generate their product database and e-commerce website.

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