MCME is a File Explorer and package of utilities for Windows Media Center. The file explorer Media Center add-in allows you to explore files on your Media Center PC and execute them. For example you could use this feature to browse your Blu-ray and DVD ISO files and automatically mount them and load them into CyberLink PowerDVD.

MCME also includes a process explorer for listing all the running applications and processes on the Media PC and allows you to switch or terminate them. This is useful when you want to quickly switch from Media Center to a third party media player and back again.

Finally MCME includes an internet radio browser, powered by DI.FM and SKY.Fm. This allows you to chose from over 50 radio streams of all different categories and play them directly in Windows Media Center.

File Browser Features:

  • Browse your PC files using the Media Center remote
  • Execute both shortcuts and files inside and outside Media Center
  • Configure what files and folders MCME can explore
  • Set up favourite locations
  • Configure MCME to show different files and folders for Extenders
  • Configure MCME to minimise Media Center on opening an external file
  • Process Explorer Features:

  • Browse any processes running on the Media Center
  • Switch to applications that are currently open
  • Automatically minimizes MCME on switching to another application
  • Close and Terminate processes
  • View memory usage of processes (physical and virtual)
  • Internet Radio Features:

  • Browse over 50 internet radio streams from SKY.FM and DI.FM
  • Switch to applications that are currently open
  • Play the radio stream directly in Media Center
  • Play the radio stream on your Media Center Extender
  • Easily configurable to add more streams
  • View the MCME help document.

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