VME is a new application that allows you to stream DivX and XviD to your Xbox 360 and Media Center Extender - but it doesnít stop there! Itís also a complete encoding and streaming suite, allowing you to do such things as stream video from a web browser and PDA, while seamlessly converting your video to MS formats while you sleep!

VME is the evolution of the successful MCE Video Encoder, which has been rewritten from the ground up - creating a new, faster and more feature-rich product.

VME has all the old features of MCE Video Encoder, such as controlling the encoding process from a Media Center Add-in. However, it also brings a lot of new features, including:

  • Convert and/or stream your DivX/XviD to WMV: Ideal if you need to view your video on a Media Center Extender, Xbox 360 or PDA
  • Vista compatibility: 100% compatible with Vista x86 and x64
  • VME Scheduler: Convert your movie collection to WMV while you sleep
  • Enhanced windows interface: Includes a start point selector and profile selector
  • Windows Media Center Hosted Application: Using the media center, you can control every aspect of the video encoding and set-up your VME scheduler
  • Windows Media Center Add-in Interface: Traditional add-in that allows you to instantly start encoding and playing your video on a Media Center Extender or Xbox 360
  • PDA Interface: Stream your movies to your PDA or use your PDA to start a stream to your Xbox 360
  • Web browser Interface: Stream your movies anywhere through your house using a simple web browser
  • Integrated HTTP server: Create your own skins for controlling VME or host a simple HTML application on your local network
  • Custom Profiles: You can create and plug-in your own streaming profiles so that you get the best quality from your video conversions
  • Distributed system: Install VME on any server in your house and then access it from a media center PC or just install it all on one system
  • Full system logging: You can examine logs for the encoder, application and web server
  • User friendly installer: Manages the installation of the application, add-ins and web server so that you just need to click "next"
  • x64 Support: VME comes in either an x86 (32bit) version or x64 (64bit) version
  • Watch and Convert: You can choose to convert the video file into WMV and watch the video as it converts
  • 32bit codecs on 64bit Vista: Using VME, you can convert and transcode your video to WMV using stable 32bit codecs and therefore avoid the crashing and instability of the x64 codecs on your x64 Vista system and x64 Media Center
  • Friendly support: I am happy to answer problems as proved by the success of MCE Video Encoder
  • View the VME help document.

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